5 reasons to get married on the lake


My most loyal readers will know by now that the lake is one of the places that I love the most, allowing one to fully experience all the delicate beauty of water without the stress of crowded and noisy beaches.
Of course, my preference is also reflected in many of the marriages I organized, which is why I want to give you five reasons why you should get married on the lake!

1. Nature

I don’t know about you, but nature always gives me a sense of peace and harmony. There is nothing that cheers me up like a walk along the lake, surrounded by lush trees.The brides on their happiest day often find themselves under pressure and for them to be immersed in nature, perhaps with the gentle of the waves in the background, can really help.

2. The view

I often collaborate with the best photographers and I always have to make sure that their work is up to the task. In fact, photographs for any bride are something extremely precious, an indelible memory of their most beautiful day, a perfect representation of the joy of those moments. I’m certain that if I asked my photographers what is the ideal environment for breath taking pictures, their answer would be the lake!

3. Luxury

It is certainly no coincidence that the most prominent Hollywood celebrities continue to choose Italian lakes as their favorite holiday destination. The lakes are a bit like jewels, pure diamonds stoned in our beautiful Italy and for this reason they are synonymous with luxury, elegance and charm.

4. Location

Speaking of celebrities, one must mention the villas, a peculiar feature of every self-respecting lake.
 What better location for your wedding if not a wonderful villa near the lake? There are so many possibilities! Refined and elegant, yet without excess, according to the Italian style.

5. The style

Imagine now that you have found the perfect location: a villa on the lake, to be reached by boat, with a huge garden and marvellously decorated halls. Could you ever any dress? Obviously not, you need something fitting! I suggest something refined with simple lines, a fresh and elegant mise en place, soft lighting and the sound of the lake in the background.