A fairy tale lasting 14 years, the birth of the wedding planner


February is truly a special month for me, as it lets me indulge on the memories of my happiest day: the 7th of February, the day I said “I do”, exactly one year after my engagement. Believe me when I say that there’s no better way of celebrating your engagement anniversary than exchanging wedding rings, surrounded by the warm hug of your relatives and loved ones.

Speaking about warm, I can’t help but smile at the sheer could of that day: everyone must have thought I was a snow queen as I walked down the aisle. Mind you, I was wearing a stunning dress, that most wouldn’t consider “winter-friendly”, proudly and excitedly like the cold never bothered me and truthfully it didn’t, my emotions kept me warm inside and out. I was almost on a rollercoaster of joy that included not only me, but everyone else around.

I sometimes feel that my career as a Wedding Planner started to take shape that day and that always makes me happy. As you may already know I organised everything about that day: Choosing the venue (Villa Porro, a breathtaking ancient “mansion” in Lonate Pozzolo), the catering, flowers, music and so on. Every aspect was so simple and so powerful, it had every bit of the same care that would be the distinctive trait of my future carrier.