A proposal on Lake Como


Marriage proposal is a magical event, one of those moments that will always remain relevant in the life of a couple.

The idea is to create a situation that will amaze one’s significant other, choosing carefully “the right time” and the most romantic location, sometimes even seeking help from a professional.

Today I want to tell you the story of J and E, one of the most romantic that I have ever witnessed in my long career as a Wedding Planner.

The future husband had very clear ideas: organizing something really special that would leave his girlfriend breathless.

Thanks to the suggestive setting of Villa del Balbianello everyone felt like they were all part of a wonderful movie.

Everything was practically perfect: a wonderful sunny day on Lake Como, a boat gently rocking the couple over the clear water, and two young love birds holding each other to admire the view, before landing in the villa that will be the starting point of their life together.

What could possibly ruin such a unique moment?

In the distance, gray clouds appeared, not very reassuring. For a brief moment everything seemed compromised, but the future husband was able to keep his composure for fear of revealing the wonderful surprise he had prepared.

When the clouds disappeared his anxiety disappeared , and so did everyone else’s.

Finally, under a warm and loving sun and a beautiful blue sky, he went down on his knee and asked her to marry him.