Birthday surprise


Those who follow my blog will already know how much I care about my family: if it wasn’t for their support I could never be a successful entrepreneur. Sometimes, however, the amount of work is so much that I end up putting aside every else, including some important events.

Last year, for example, I was so swamped with a wedding that I literally forgot to celebrate my birthday: I had no time to organize that too and I ended up giving up, I knew it was the right thing to do.

What I didn’t know is that my daughter had already organized it all: she chose everything, like a true Wedding Planner, and each detail from the colors to the food, was absolutely perfect. She obviously had a little ‘help from her father who turned into her trustworthy assistant.

I was so proud of my little princess: she understood what I needed and instead of getting overwhelmed, she rolled up her sleeves and organized a perfect party without me even noticing.