Flipping through the pages of Vogue Wedding


A few days ago, while I was tidying up my house in one of the few free moments between weddings, I stumbled upon an old Italian issue of Vogue Wedding. You can’t even imagine how much emotion I felt flipping through the pages that the well-known monthly magazine dedicated to me and to one of my weddings.

The location was the charming Villa Artimino in Tuscany, where under the excited eyes of friends and relatives Federica and Diego celebrated their love. Such a wonderful couple: she is a young Italian architect and he is a well-known film producer in Los Angeles, the city where they both live.

There were a lot of guests from every corner of the world and it was amazing celebration: the perfect mix between two different cultures, Italian and Mexican, that managed to find the right balance.

Before the arrival of the guests the sky suddenly turned dark, so much so that we feared the arrival of a tornado, but we were ready to intervene with plan B. The patience in monitoring the weather, paid back eventually : the sky suddenly cleared welcoming the couple with a warm and reassuring sun. I still remember their first dance in a warm and pleasant July evening, the band in the background and the eyes in love with two young spouses who couldn’t wait to start their journey together.

A special thanks goes to Federica and Diego trusting in me and to Vincenzo Santarella of Morlotti Studio for the passion with he showed while portraying the different moments of this unforgettable day.