Kelly: a Jewish wedding full of traditions


If there is one aspect that is present in every wedding but that rarely takes center stage is traditions: each family has its own and these end up influencing the most beautiful day of any bride.

In this regard I remember with pleasure the Jewish wedding of Kelly and Ilan, a young couple full of love and vitality, on the beautiful stage that is Lake Como.

There were two ceremonies within three days: first a religious ceremony that was celebrated under the traditional Chuppah, a white fabric canopy overflowing with fresh flowers, then an informal dinner day at Villa Geno and finally the third day a civil ceremony in the halls of the stupendous Villa Erba in Cernobbio. Add a gala dinner on the first night, entertainment until 6 am the next morning and a delicious multi-cuisine buffet the same evening and you’ll have a perfect wedding.

Organizing a wedding jumping around two different villas, between a Shabbat dinner and a boat trip, was a colossal task but believe me when I tell you that, no matter how tiring it was trying to make sure that everything proceed smoothly, I would do it again without hesitation.

Seeing the joy in Kelly and Ilan’s eyes as they were showing their love to family and friends made me realize the importance of keeping traditions alive: a lesson that I still carry in my heart.