Linzi: the importance of make-up


The relationship between me and my brides is something that can hardly be explained … I take their hand in every moment of our journey together. I live with them all the emotions of the most important day of their lives as they were mine.

There are so many anecdotes that I could tell you, but today it’s Linzi and Baxter’s turn, a beautiful and affectionate couple from New York. When they contacted me they were sure of one thing, they wanted me to organize a simple wedding. The bride had a very special request: getting makeup done by a very skilled professional.

It took me less than a second to find the perfect person so I immediately contacted Valeria Orlando, a great professional and one of Italy’s best make-up artists.

I’m always very careful about my brides make-up and just like a painter takes great care of his canvas and an architect of his projects, make-up artists through their art have the opportunity to show passion and talent.

I know how much love Valeria puts in her work and I was sure I made the right choice! The couple wanted a simple but extremely elegant wedding, so I needed a classy location that matched their demands. I chose one of the most beautiful and suggestive villas in Italy: Villa del Balbianello, a rare pearl.

On the wedding day Valeria masterfully exhibited her creativity on Linzi’s face, who, after a deep breath, expressed all her happiness with a spark of excitement in her eyes.

Modesty aside, that day I was really proud of myself and my collaborators: we were able to make someone so happy. No wedding would be complete without a photographer and Linzi made a really good choice by choosing Jules Bower, undoubtedly one of the best!