More than just brides


Cultivating friendships with a job like mine is complicated, there is always so much to do and the emotional burden can get quite overwhelming. Most brides tend to get lost in their emotions and I must be sensitive enough to understand and satisfy their needs.

With such a responsibility it’s easy to understand how stressful my job can be: going out with friends is the last thing that I can think about after dealing with someone on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

However something happened last year and it made me radically change my point of view.

I organized an event to promote my business to new brides at OttimoMassimo, a beautiful gourmet bar in the center of Milan. I was very tense because I expected to be surrounded by many young couples waiting to receive as much information as possible from me .

The pleasant surprise, on the other hand, was that I found myself before so many brides to whom I had already organized the wedding. The event turned into a party where every satisfied bride told the others about her own special day. That was the moment when I realized that those girls were much more than just brides to me: they were true friends.