Professional wedding planner


As a wedding planner, I know that my job is always full of last-minute adrenaline rushes.

I recall of a wedding I organized for a wonderful couple from New York. The night before the wedding, as it happens every time, was sleepless as I tried to remember everything I had to do. That morning, unlike the usual, I woke up before my alarm clock went off. Weather forecasts were fortunately on our side and we were ready for a wonderful sunny day. The ceremony was scheduled in the morning at Villa del Balbianello and everything went well.

Claudia and Matt were excited and happy.

After the ceremony the party moved to Villa Lario for a welcome cocktail and dinner. I reached the location before the arrival of the guests for last minute adjustments and to make sure that everything was flowing according to plan. I know, I am an extremely scrupulous person but I care about my work and attention to detail.

Everything was absolutely perfect, my team had done a really good job!

But things don’t always go as we expect, and curveballs are always around the corner: that beautiful sunny day was about to turn grey.

Claudia and Matt reached Villa Lario by boat. The long-awaited moment of the first dance came and for a moment my mind brought me back to my wedding day. That magic moment lasted only a few minutes: clouds, thunders and lightning brought me back to reality!

In all honesty I can tell you that at that moment I felt extremely nervous, the dinner had been set up outside.

It’s certainly not the first time that I find myself facing similar situations, and I learned that timeliness in some scenarios is everything!

I looked at Claudia and Matt, I knew that even a small hint of anxiety or fear would be enough to ruin their special moment. I could never forgive myself for that! I rolled up my sleeves and with the help of the Staff of Villa Lario in a few minutes we managed to move the reception inside avoiding the worst.

After the misadventures of the day I talked with the spouses and I was struck by their reaction: they smiled and told me that, even if I had told them all right away, nothing would have changed. They were sure that I would be able to face anything.

And whenever I think back to all those critical moments, I smile, because I know that everything will be fine as long as I have my clients’ trust.