Wonderful industrial wedding in Milan

A beautifully unconventional, industrial style wedding.

Set in the beautiful Officine del Volo, our bride and groom did not want a classical wedding, but instead something rather unique and unconventional. We decided to create a beautiful wedding in a postindustrial location, creating a modern and unique atmosphere for our bride and groom’s special day. Food was a key factor in the wedding, as the couple’s guests had travelled from all over the world, and therefore had the opportunity to experience beautiful Italian cuisine, created by a Michelin star chef. This unique and special setting completely transformed the wedding, creating an unforgettable special day that was beautifully unconventional.

Ours was a wedding that has entertained and enchanted people of all ages. Many thanks to the professionalism, taste, elegance and attention given to the minutest of things.

– Bride and Groom’s Thoughts


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