A truly romantic wedding at Villa Pizzo

A beautiful wedding based on a real passion for music.

Music was an important focal point at this wedding, the bride being a famous Italian violinist and the groom being an internationally renowned orchestra director; it was important that we filled their special day with their passion for song.

At the stunning Villa Pizzo, we shaped an evening of fun and entertainment, centering around the creation of music, allowing the guests the opportunity to play music freely throughout the night to add a personalized and unique touch to this couple’s special day.

The wedding was unforgettable, as the bride and groom’s strong passion for music and song was present throughout the entirety of the event, making it truly special and unique.

Marriage at Villa Pizzo was a dream, our dream, exactly as we wanted. The unanimous opinion of the guests was that they had never took part to such a beautiful marriage.

– Bride and Groom’s Thoughts

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