An unforgettable sixtieth birthday

Sixtieth birthday at Officine del Volo.

Officine del Volo hosted our client’s sixtieth birthday. A venue located in Milan, famous for its twentieth-century industrial architecture and the presence of contemporary design rooms. The 320 guests were overwhelmed by an evening full of fun and performances of all kinds.

The central focus of the event was in fact the entertainment, so multiple performances were organized throughout the entire evening. The dress code of the evening: feathers!

To welcome the guests, the sweet sound of four violinists positioned on cubes, very elegant and dressed in a long feathered-skirt, enchanted those present. In the meantime, guests were able to settle in with welcome drinks and finger food from the catering.

To punctuate the various performances there was a presenter who directed the entrances on stage of all the artists. There followed a pianist, a singer, a duo composed of electric violin and luminous sax. In the meantime, the standing dinner was served.

A spectacular performance by drag queens accompanied by an energetic percussionist began to heat up the situation. The moment of the cake was truly exciting and the evening continued until late at night to the sounds of an 11-piece band.

To contribute to the enjoyment of the guests, who all followed the theme of the event perfectly, there were life-size hardbacks of famous artists and various gadgets such as special sunglasses, wigs, strange hats and obviously feathers of all kinds. Truly an unforgettable evening.

I highly recommend their support, it is tailor made on your needs. Thanks again for everything, we will remember this party forever.

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