Birthday party on the lake

Beautiful birthday celebrations, full of fun, laughter and exciting memories that can be kept forever.

Creating a beautiful birthday party for our host’s clients at Hotel Villa and Palazzo Aminta, this event was a truly special and personalised celebration.

For the exciting event, we ensured that there were many different activities throughout the day, which included a fishing trip on the river, cooking classes where the group learnt to create real Neapolitan pizza, a beautiful trip on an old sailing ship and finally a beautiful, elegant gala dinner, with music and dancing until late in to the night.

Together with the entertainment, and elegance of the overall event, we created a truly memorable celebration that was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

Daniela’s presence is essential, because thanks to her you will have nothing to think about and the result will be absolute perfection. Her smile during the whole event was a real comfort, because she made us understand that everything would go in the best way. Working with her was a real pleasure!

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