Jewish wedding at Villa Castelbarco, near Milan

Stunning Jewish wedding in an old estate just outside Milan, full of traditions and romance.

In the beautiful setting of Villa Castelbarco, a stunning historic building with magnificent gardens, our bride and groom wanted to live an elegant fairy-tale, along with their 300 guests.

They also had Friday night Shabbat and Saturday morning synagogue and these events were really important as they set the tone and traditions that grounded their special day.

Everything was perfect, despite the storm that came suddenly. This gave the day a touch of adrenaline, but it didn’t spoil anything. We entertained the guests and then we set up again our beautiful ceremony as soon the sun came back. Together with the truly romantic atmosphere this special day was amazing for the bride, groom, and their guests.

Daniela, I can’t thank you enough but I will try.. you literally blew me away. It was more then we could dream of and more then we expected. Everything was perfect including the storm! I know how scary it must have been for you and I really thank you for making your very best efforts.

– Bride and Groom’s Thoughts

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