The wedding of dreams in Florence

Our bride and groom’s dream of an Italian wedding became a reality in the beautiful, picturesque Palazzo Gondi in Florence.

Hosted in the stunning Palazzo Gondi, one of the highest points in Florence, this incredible castle offered our bride, groom, and their guests the most unforgettable scenery; The Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, Palazzo Vecchio and Basilica di Santa Croce were all visible from the palace windows, creating a truly beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

With the groom being an architect himself, Palazzo Gondi felt like the perfect choice of venue for this stunning wedding, as it showcased artistic Italian heritage, creating a truly memorable setting for the beautiful day.

80 guests, all of whom loved the event from start to finish, accompanied the couple in embracing the beauty of Florence and the romance of their special day.

The ceremony left in the heart of our guests an emotion that still lasts.

– Bride and Groom’s Thoughts

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