Villa Esengrini Montalbano

A historic location in the heart of Varese, Villa Esengrini Montalbano.

Villa Esengrini Montalbano is a charming historic villa in neoclassical-liberty style.

To reach the villa you will have to walk the long avenue immersed in the 45,000 mq park surrounded by ancient trees, and it stands on the top of the Montalbano hill, from which it takes its name.

It is located in the center of Varese and offers a breathtaking panoramic view. The property consists of two distinct structures: the ancient villa and the more modern Stables. Nineteenth-century frescoed rooms and the impressive central staircase are part of the ancient villa, while the Stables offer a splendid winter garden and allow you to experience magical emotions under the suggestive lights that are reflected on the glass dome.

Daniela, I can’t thank you enough but I will try.. you literally blew me away. It was more then we could dream of and more then we expected. Everything was perfect including the storm! I know how scary it must have been for you and I really thank you for making your very best efforts.

– Bride and Groom’s Thoughts

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