Wonderful wedding in a greenhouse

Beautiful wedding set up like a tropical jungle.

A two-sided wedding. With a truly emotional ceremony in a beautiful church in the centre of Milan decorated by a waterfall of poinsettias and candles we created a wedding full of Christmas atmosphere.

For the reception instead, we have literally transformed the Ratti greenhouses into a jungle. A stunning set up with tropical leaves and plants. Imperial tables decorated with mirror runners with transparent pots and leaves. Areas set up with a multitude of ficus, bambu, philodendron, alocasia plants.. that left all 150 guests speechless.

Then the party continued with music and the band entertained our guests wonderfully. Even the food was amazing thanks to the starred chef Cristiano Tomei, who cooked amazing dishes. A truly special day which will remain in the hearts of the bride, the groom and all those who took part in this wedding.

Daniela’s presence during the wedding day is essential, because thanks to her you will have nothing to think about and the result will be absolute perfection.

– Bride and Groom’s Thoughts

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