Sunday on the lake


I have already told you how my parents have influenced my work ethic through their example, but perhaps their greatest influence was reflected on how to educate children.

In fact, I‘m first of all a mother, more than a businesswoman, even if sometimes the load of work is so much that it almost seems like I can’t think about anything else. To be honest, spending most weekends away from home can be a real struggle. The price you pay for running a successful business is to be forced to see your daughter only in the morning for breakfast and a few hours in the evening. Believe me when I tell you that is always a painful decision!

Having said that, you‘ll understand my joy when, about five months ago on a Sunday, we treated ourselves with a wonderful boat trip on Iseo Lake for an entire day.

It was an experience that we‘ll hardly forget: the warm sun on the skin, the hugs, the cool breeze that ruffled our hair and most of all everyone’s smile. In days like those you’re reminded that in the end love is what moves everything, a universal language that is able to unite anything and anyone.