The most important lesson


Looking back I often find myself being surprised of the huge influence my parents had on my career, of what I learnt from their example, no words needed.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, but working for many years in my father’s company didn’t make things easier: as soon as we set foot in the business we were we were normal employees like everyone else, with the same expectations and the same treatment that any other employee would receive.

Hard work and perseverance to achieve a goal, are values that my parents have managed to pass down to each of their five children and I could not be more grateful for that. If it wasn’t for their way of raising all of us, a bit severe perhaps but full of love, I wouldn’t have had the resilience to stay afloat in the worst years, to get back on my feet and to build a wonderful career out of thin air.

Ultimately this is the advice I can give to all parents: making things easier for your children will not help them to be better people. Teach him to appreicate the fatigue, to face their insecurities, to take errors as a starting point to grow even further: If you do this you’ll see them bloom, becoming responsible and satisfied men and women.