Wedding planners must be resilient to survive!


The term “resilience” originally came from metallurgy: it indicates, in metallurgical technology, the ability of a metal to withstand the forces applied to it. For a metal, resilience is the opposite of fragility. In the psychological field: the resilient person is the opposite of an easily vulnerable.

She has the attitude of going forward without surrendering, despite the difficulties. My personal definition of resilience is the ability to persist in pursuing challenging goals, effectively tackling the difficulties and other negative events that will be encountered on the path.

The word “persist” indicates the idea of ​​a motivation that remains firm. Indeed, the resilient individual presents a series of unmistakable psychological characteristics: it is an optimist and tends to “read” negative events as momentary and circumscribed; Believes that it has a wide margin of control over its own life and the surrounding environment; Is strongly motivated to achieve the goals she has set; She tends to see changes as a challenge and as an opportunity, rather than as a threat; Faced with defeats and frustrations she is capable of not losing hope anyway. Every wedding I organise needs my resilience!