Stunning Lake Maggiore wedding

Beautiful, fun-filled wedding at Rocca di Angera, making the bride and groom’s dreams a reality.

Combining two different cultures and customs, Russian and Italian, this beautiful wedding at Rocca di Angera overlooking Lake Maggiore, was truly unforgettable.

Fearing a boring wedding, our groom was unsure that we would be able to plan an exciting, fun and intricate wedding, a promise that we made to ensure the couples wedding day was truly special.

Keeping our promise, the wedding was an entertaining and exciting event, ensuring that every moment was attended to, and that all 70 guests thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and style of the wedding day, feeling at ease and happy, allowing the wedding to be truly special and unforgettable.

We can say that we have had the perfect wedding in every possible sense.

– Bride and Groom’s Thoughts

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